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Adjustable Bike Trainer Fitness Desk Portable Workstation Standing Desk

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  • ADJUSTABLE DESK HEIGHT – Our Bike Trainer Fitness Desk was designed taking into consideration variables such as desk height that will be suitable for every user. It was designed to be adjustable allowing it to be raised from 33.5” to 47”. With this, it is compatible with any size of bike and user while accommodating various functions.
  • LOCKABLE WHEELS FOR MOVABILITY – For portability, ease of usage, and floor preservation, Our Bike Training Fitness Desk was manufactured to be lightweight and equipped with lockable wheels. With this, it is easier to move around or fix its position. The tires also ensure that moving the equipment will not cause any damage to the floor.
  • ESSENTIAL DESIGN – Our Bike Training Fitness Desk was carefully designed to provide the best service that can be offered. It was designed with built-in tablet and cellphone slots, a non-slip surface to accommodate your important items such as gadgets while avoiding incidents of falling. Lastly it has holes which is a specially placed inlet for cables and chords of chargers and other accessories.
  • DURABLE – To ensure a long lasting service for its valued customers, Our Bike Training Fitness Desk is manufactured using high quality lightweight metal. It is guaranteed to carry and support the weight of gadgets, food, drinks, or any essential materials without any risks. It is also expected to last for years with proper use.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Our Bike Training Fitness Desk was built and designed to serve several functions without any issue. It can serve as a desk and carry all your essentials during training. It can also be used as a standing desk to be used for work. Aside from work and training, it can also serve as a high table for your drinks and cocktails.