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6 Blade Fireplace Stove Fan Heat Self-Powered Wood Top Burner Eco Heater Silent

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1. This stove fan supplies power by converting the transition into energy without using any batteries or electricity.

2. The working temperature range is approximately: 60°C~350°C, the higher the temperature, the faster it starts to rotate.

Note: When using stove fans, the temperature cannot exceed 350°C.

3. Static electricity can be circulated in the room.

4. This stove fan is quiet and quiet.

5. Wall-mounted.


cfm: 180-210

Speed: 800-1100rpm

Blade number: 6


Noise: ≤35Db

Material: Boron Aluminum

Color: black

The package includes:

1X 6 blade heater stove fan


1. The hot blast stove fan will not directly increase the temperature, but can only be a tool to accelerate the heat transfer of the chimney.

2. Maintenance-free: Just clean it once and put some light oil on the blade shaft to adjust the rotation smoothly and quietly!

3. Do not bring the base of the stovetop. Do not place the stove on a designated protected surface when it is hot.

4. To move or carry the fan, always use the retractable handle when wearing gloves. Please keep your child away when using.