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LAT Pull Down Bars Cable Machine Attachment, Rowing T-bar V-bar Set, Back Strength Training Handle Grips for Cable Machine Rowing Machine

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  • Multiple Purpose: Easily attach to your home & gym exercise equipment like LAT machine, cable machine, rowing machine, smith machine. With the aid of above equipment, you can fully train back muscle group, this is meaningful upgrade for your strength training equipment.
  • Back Training: With the help of different sizes T-bar & V-bar, you can train most of back muscle groups: Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, Teres Major, Teres Minor, Infraspinatus.
  • Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic hand-grips, surface dipping plastic treatment. Compared with normal fitness equipment, which is easier to hold without hurting your hands, more effective body building.
  • Durable:  High quality solid steel, withstand traction up to 880 lbs. By surface dipping plastic treatment, Obtain stronger anti-rust ability and extremely long service life.
  • Training Equipment Kit:  Contains 5 different rowing bars, compared with ordinary V-bar, D-handle, it can train back muscles as fully as possible, you don‘t need to take time to collect required bars or handles.


V-GRIP (inverted)

Also known as the anchor. A great attachment for performing mix upper body workouts targeting arms, chest and shoulders. Upward facing palm-rests also help to stimulate upper back muscles more effectively.

V-GRIP (neutral)

A popular triceps pull-down attachment that isolates your triceps effectively at a different angle to the wrists. Feel the sturdy isolation from every rep.

LAT BAR (narrow)

Perfect for behind-the-head pulldowns without the awkward twists of shoulders. Targeting both your lats and biceps at the same time.

LAT BAR (mid)

This bar comes with more aggressive angle than the wide bar and the arms are more extended, allowing you to pull the bar closer to your chest to increase the thickness of your lat.

LAT BAR (wide)

This is the bar the gives you a set of beautiful wings. The 800mm+ length keeps your scapula wide open and your latissimus full engaged. Get strong and defined.